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Tele-marketing useful insights of economic and effective marketing.

Telemarketing is an extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and most service oriented businesses.  Virtually every industry relies on telemarketing for growth and profit!

Telemarketing consistently out-performs all other forms of marketing and is the most powerful, cost-effective lead generation program available today.  Telemarketing is a powerful, multi-billion dollar marketing vehicle and should be part of your marketing plan

Telemarketing Provides You With Immediate Feedback

& Valuable Information That Can Be Quickly Analyzed

Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows you to adjust your strategy midstream and make any changes at any time necessary to increase results.  With telemarketing, you can change both your offer and audience with just one phone call, scripts can be edited with a moment?s notice and calling hours can be adjusted.

Highly Targeted Telemarketing Leads Are Key Pieces To The Puzzle

For A Successful Marketing Campaign.

Telemarketing leads are a favorite of most seasoned sales veterans because when a lead is fresh and properly qualified?it?s sizzling hot! These leads are in great demand for several reasons:

1. Telemarketing Leads Are Interactive-Our telemarketing leads are generated by live human beings with superb communication skills who specialize in lead generation! With our intensive classroom training procedure on your individual project, our consultants can speak intelligently about your business.  They can answer questions, address concerns, overcome objections and concentrate on the proper hot button issue.
2. Telemarketing Leads Are Highly Qualified-Unlike direct mail, newspaper, television, radio, etc., telemarketing requires an immediate response. Telemarketing leads allow you to thoroughly qualify a prospect using a series of probing questions designed to provide you with the valuable customer data needed to increase your sales percentage.

Telemarketing Provides You With Endless Opportunities

To Increase And Better Your Business.

Telemarketing is the ultimate marketing tool.  Some popular outbound telemarketing applications include appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, market research, list cleaning, database update, phone sales and client reactivation?just to name a few. Telemarketing also has powerful inbound applications.  Inbound telemarketing is perfect for customer service, after hours/overflow calls and direct immediate response to print ads, website inquiries and virtually any form of advertisement.Telemarketing requires good communication skills, persistence, the ability to think on your feet??outside the box? and the understanding that you don?t get the appointment unless you ask for it.Our consultants that specialize in telemarketing are full-time employees?senior veterans who have been in the lead generation industry for years, some decades!  We have a diverse, talented staff to choose from.  Each campaign is unique and we always assign the best suited people for your individual program.

Telemarketing scripts

Well-developed Telemarketing Scripts Will Open Doors

That You Never Even Knew Existed?

Strategic Marketing scripts incorporate the science and art to strengthen the power of the message.  There is nothing elaborate or complicated about our method.  In fact, our script is usually short and to the point.  The power is extremely subtle and often quite subliminal, producing a dynamic psychological impact.So why don?t most telemarketing firms use the more advanced dynamics of psychological elements in their scripts? Well, as human nature demonstrates, people tend to stick with what they know best and are hesitant to learn a new way of doing things.  However, ?without change?there is no progress?.

Ever Get A Call From A Telemarketer

Who Sounds Like They Are Reading From A Script?

I don?t think there is anything more annoying, insulting and downright unprofessional.  Our telemarketers are highly trained in script delivery.  Our callers are skilled in responding to non-scripted interactions?they know how to listen as well as deliver the message.  Our consultants pay attention to the prospect?s use of words and responds appropriately.  Another technique we use in script delivery is non-verbal methods, such as when to pause and listen?this helps build an instant rapport to get the results you deserve!

Let Us Custom-Tailor Your Telemarketing Script

And Watch Your Sales Sky Rocket.

The right telemarketing script and offer are key ingredients in the success of your marketing campaign.  Our talented telemarketing script development team has custom-tailored, innovative and compelling scripting for virtually every industry imaginable!

Let Us Handle What We Do Best

If you?d like to try telemarketing in-house first, we will develop a telemarketing script for you at an affordable price.  But only if you make us a promise!  After the pain and misery subsides from your traumatic in-house telemarketing experience and you learn the hard way that you should have outsourced the project to a company that specializes in outbound telemarketing?give us a call!

sales lead

Telemarketing Sales Leads

Sales leads are the life blood of most companies.  A good salesperson can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with sales leads that are properly qualified.  Unfortunately, finding a company that knows the inside secrets of generating sales leads and properly qualifying sales leads is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Sales Leads Are A Vital Source Of New Business

We specialize in generating only the most qualified sales leads using outbound telemarketing.  Sales leads generated using telemarketing are of the highest quality.  Telemarketing is interactive two-way communication.  Qualified sales leads maximize your sales forces? valuable time and increases your ROI (Return On Investment).There is nothing a sales veteran hates more than following up on a sales lead and finding out its garbage. There is nothing a salesperson loves more than following up on a fresh, highly targeted, qualified sales lead!We specialize in carefully sifting through your target market and producing qualified sales leads.  With today?s dialing technology, it is more cost-effective to outsource your sales lead generation to a telemarketing company that specializes in it, rather than doing it in-house.  Plus, it eliminates the headaches and liabilities of extra employees.

We Also Give You Exclusivity.

Most outbound telemarketing companies have no problem working for three or four similar companies in the same geographic area.  Some of them share lists, some of them share leads! We have done outbound telemarketing long enough to know this type of unscrupulous behavior waters down the market and when your goal is to build a long-term relationship with your clients, it?s tough to do if you are working for their competition!

When It Comes To Generating Sales Leads, We Have A Well-Oiled Machine

If you are interested in producing more highly targeted, qualified sales leads, our proven sales lead generation programs can quickly make this happen!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Honesty Win Win Win

Honesty - Management - Service - Interest - Serve - Customers

Honesty is a very powerful tool that, if harnessed properly, can be both self-serving and profitable for any business. The secret is to find a way to create an environment where selfishness can and will serve two masters. How can that be done?  I'm glad you asked!

Remember why you came to work today, and be honest with yourself. Your first answer (company line) is that you wanted to get started on making your company the best and most highly-respected locally, nationally or in the world. But ask again, this time giving yourself a chance to reflect a bit further. OK, so you might have come to earn a paycheck so that you can pay the bills and possibly have a little left over to spend on yourself. The introspection continues: Will I have more income than expenses this week?  Will I be able to take a vacation? Can I afford to go out to dinner tonight rather than having to eat at home in front of the television? Suddenly, your honorable corporate mantra seems a little less believable. You?re horrified with yourself.

Don't be ashamed. Aligning personal goals with professional objectives is the win-win of management today. Every employee in the company must clearly understand that the way they make more money is for the company to make more money. They must understand how going the extra mile will result in their personal gain. How will they be able to improve their lives by improving the service or products the company has to offer?

Compensation plans that are too complicated or take too long from the time of service to reward are not the answer. False hope and empty promises will do more to decrease morale than any other aspect of management. Reward programs must be easy to understand, directly tied to measurable outcomes, and frequent in nature. When you start to see small increases in your pay over a short period of time it will motivate you and others to keep up the good work.

Core Beliefs By Functional Area


The best strategic plans are the ones that actually get executed

The obvious is hard to do

Good management is not a luxury and is more important in hard times

Great companies are always defining and refining their strategy.

You have to know why your are in business

Great companies are constantly re-investing in themselves

Understanding the value of taking risks is key to growth

Well-managed companies make more money

Organizations are as good/bad as their leaders

Achieving shared vision is a constant struggle

Management requires and is a discipline

An outside view adds value, perspective can be limiting


We?re all equally limited and empowered by our experiences

Great companies have history/stories ? well-defined culture

Leadership and management go hand in hand but are not the same things

Achieving shared vision and alignment is a constant struggle

Great companies are constantly learning organizations

Empowering employees to an ownership mentality is key to success

Individuals have the potential to do great things, leaders must learn to unlock it

Great companies have history/stories ? well-defined culture

Communication is always happening, the real question is are you a part of it?


Hard work doesn?t necessarily equal profits

Activity is not productivity

Process with the right amount of structure & freedom is key to success

Tools are essential to producing work

Quality is never a trade off

Customers are the reason we are in business

Marketing is a science

Selling doesn?t start until the potential customers say "no"

Business doesn?t start until you sell somebody something

Harvey Says

Leadership - Harvey Who ?

Harvey the Sailor    

"Harvey G. Greenberg, President of Strategic Marketing Consultants, Inc. is a motivational speaker, trainer and executive management coach. He works one on one with business owners and management to create effective and innovative marketing plans and strategies. Harvey has worked with hundreds of clients from a wide range of industries. His diverse experiences challenge clients and audiences to think beyond their industry norm to become empowered leaders.His dynamic and informative seminars send participants away feeling motivated and excited, taking with them a multitude of valuable and practical marketing, sales and business concepts. He is a passionate, captivating, fast-paced presenter and educator who brings proven results.

Tribune Publishing

When I sat down with Harvey Greenberg, CEO of Strategic Marketing Consultants, Inc. a Valley based consulting company, I told him we need to know the what, where & how of his business! Without missing a beat he smiled and said "Strategic Marketing Consultants, Inc. is all about the What, Where & How of marketing strategies and solutions." Bom in Boston, Massachusetts Harvey has lived a well schooled, well traveled life, resulting in a wide variety of business experience. Starting off in the 60's with a business degree from Boston University , he opened his own concert promotion business in his first year at UCLA while pursuing a psychology degree. He soon found himself immersed in the world of sales, marketing, advertising and promotion with local, national and international companies. From car dealerships to home remodeling, Harvey increases sales wherever he goes. Not ready to retire his old school expertise in taking companies to the next level, he finds his services are still in high demand. His phone consistently rings with offers from medium to large companies to train, motivate and generally reshape the bottom line profitability through streamlining sales and lead generation efforts.

Harvey explains to me why companies need Strategic Marketing. He says imagine you're a company doing $10,000,000 a year. After reviewing the numbers for that year, you see that $3,000,000 more could have been made but wasn't because of poor systems, accountability, inefficient personnel, lack of sales motivation or for various other reason. The fact is, you could have, and should have, made $13,000,000 for the year. How would you feel? I would feel bad, I tell him.

What Harvey does is show business owners and high level executives what they're already aware of, but don't know how to implement the necessary changes. Most companies could do more he says and even though technology has changed and continues to evolve, the process and systems in place are somewhat the same...they just need to be tweaked. He tells me that the initial consumer contact with a company is how your business is perceived. Most of Harvey's business comes from referrals, from ambitious companies who seek business consultations that provide quick and viable solutions. I asked him about his initial approach when asked for a new client consultation. Harvey says, "A fresh set of eyes and ears is invaluable. It is almost impossible to be your own business mentor." "1 can come into a company... hear their sales pitch, observe and listen to their lead generation program, sales closing techniques and more often than not the process needs to be upgraded by utilizing a more in depth and aggressive training program." "Imagine a car dealership" he says, "they literally pounce on you when you walk in looking for a car. It's more transaction motivated than relationship oriented, customers want that personal touch."

Communicating with Harvey is fun because he's been around the block, heard every rejection, schmooze & buzz word. James he says "it all comes down to a system that has a beginning, a middle and an end that results in a greater sales percentage which, of course, is in direct correlation to the quality of leads being generated. I'm a guy that believes in quality before quantity. Harvey also says "Companies are like people, they need to learn by example...show them how, don't tell them how!" My lifetime mantra for success has included three key components: Good Work Ethic, Positive Attitude and the Ability to Communicate.

If you go to his corporate website www.whatwherehow.net you soon leam why companies demand Strategic's services. Harvey says, "Most companies deal with the same issues everyday." "Want to grow your business faster? Looking for a better-defined strategy to help you grow more quickly? Are sales sluggish or even dropping? Are you in a price war or facing new competitors? He says, "Marketing is not just advertising and it's not just generating awareness. Marketing is an integral, strategic function that drives your business. The purpose of marketing is simply to "Sell More Stuff, To More People, More Often, For More Money, More Efficiently!"
By James de Rin


"Harvey, you were a huge success at our annual seminar. You gave practical advice that our independent contractors can use immediately to market their business and increase sales. Once again, you were so 'right on the money' that we've decided to retain your services to conduct mini-seminars throughout the country".
Systems International

"Your presentation to my group at our annual conference on the topic of 'Marketing on a Limited Budget' was excellent. We have had other speakers present similar topics but yours hit the mark with everyone in the room. The marketing ideas you presented were practical, affordable and most of all, easy to implement".
Mutual Credit Buying Systems

"Your energy, passion and focused approach were very well received by all in attendance. Your experience in marketing and your leadership qualities re-enforced the key strategies and messages that provide a blueprint for success".
Cartel Insurance Brokers

"As a speaker, you are dynamic, energetic and passionate about marketing. You understand the challenges our industry faces and continually suggest innovative marketing ideas. We are now, more than ever, motivated to make changes".
CMI Auto Group

"I found the material interesting and your style of presentation very engaging, as did all whom attended! I could see the 'light bulbs' go off as you spoke. Your variety of presentations never ceases to amaze me. Over the years, the information is always delivered in an effective, articulate and entertaining way".
Pearl Productions.

"Yesterday's dynamic and informative seminar sent participants away feeling motivated and excited, taking with them many valuable and practical concepts that have an immediate impact on our methodology."
VS & Associates Financial group

Harvey Greenberg - Universal Remodeling - No longer in business

Universal Remodeling has served Southern California since 1991, offering a wide range of interior and exterior remodeling services. With two decades of excellence, Universal Remodeling continues to offer the best and most cutting-edge options in home design, including energy and water saving options like solar paneling, low-flush toilets, and exterior texturing to reduce cooling costs. The company operates from three locations, making it convenient for a wide variety of customers to visit a Universal Remodeling center.

Providing exceptional quality for all improvement projects, Universal Remodeling maintains a solid reputation backed by a number of professional organizations. The company is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Kitchen & Bath Association, holds an “A” rating with Better Business Bureau, and has been approved by The League of California Homeowners. Universal Remodeling also holds Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification.

Universal Remodeling provides further assurance to its customers by guaranteeing all of its work and maintaining insurance policies to fully cover any potential accidents. Holding a $1 million workers’ compensation policy as well as a $1 million liability policy, Universal Remodeling instills confidence in its customers, employees, and contractors.

Universal Remodeling specializes in kitchens and baths and can complete an extensive range of remodeling tasks, including adding and extending rooms, constructing patio enclosures, installing fireplaces, and building staircases.